Taphions or Tilevoes are its first inhabitants of the two brothers Taphion and Tilevoa, sons of Poseidon. References from Homer, Strabo and Euripides, show the intense commercial activity of the island.

Meganisi, along with the rest of Ionian islands joins Mother Greece, in 1864.

It belongs to the cluster of Tilevoes islands, along with all the bigger and smaller islands amongst Lefkada and the Acarnanian coasts.

The changing landscapes are so many, which makes visitors not to ever get bored.

The northeast side is characterized by many consecutive enclosed bays reminiscent of fjords and small friendly beaches. The beaches at Spilia, Pasoumaki, Ambelakia, Fanari, Limonari, Elia, Loutrolimni, Bereta, and the beach of St. John, with the homonymous historic chapel in the west, are favorite spots for carefree summer moments.

On the other hand, the southwest rocky and wild side fills visitors with awe, without repelling him. The large peninsula there, that ends at cape Kefali, dares you to explore it, offering the sea caves of Giovani and the famous Papanikoli, that took their name from the famous Greek submarine that hid there during the Second World War.

There are three small traditional villages on the island.

Vathi, a fishing village, now one of the most famous touristic resorts in the Ionian Sea. The harbor keeps its traditional character even if it has become a favorite mooring of yachts and sailing vessels due to the organized marina operates there.

Spartochori, a traditional village with stone houses, small courtyards and narrow cobbled streets, is built on a hill and beyond the main road, a path full of green, hiding in its path the Cave of the Cyclops, that joins its seaport, Spilia.

Katomeri, built east, also a traditional village overlooking the bay of Atherinos, waiting for you to walk through the narrow alleys and chat with the hospitable inhabitants.

The island retains its traditional character with its picturesque villages, its harbors, the old windmills linked with myths and local legends and the scattered chapels.

In the last years it has made enormous progress in tourism development, without losing its special character and has become a favorite destination for Greeks and foreigners.

The island is connected by sea with Nydri with daily routes with open-ended ferry. It takes about 25 minutes and the boat approaches the ports of Spilia and Vathi.

Phone information: 26450 22322 (Lefkada Port Authority)

  • We were fortunate to choose the "Tilevoes" to eat on our first day there we kept eating there all the evenings we stayed in Meganisi. This restaurant has very high standard in all areas.

    Nantia M
  • New place, quiet environment and very remarkable menu. Fresh, cool dishes at very reasonable times.We recommend it as a very good option compared to the very touristic restaurants in Vathi. Polite and smiling staff

  • A new very good Italian and Greek restaurant that was missing in our previous visit in 2006, with special dishes at very reasonable prices, with excellent service. I suggest it for a night out and eat in Vathi (Meganisi).

    Pavlos K
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